British authorities, media, and associated lobbying groups continue to harass domestic betting software developers and online gambling sites. The latest victim of this never-ending prudish charade is the website and its three online slot games. Word is, this service provider allowed its users to play games, themed after famous tales of Brothers Grimm. The so-called Campaign for Fairer Gambling, led by former poker player Derek Webb and failed gambling industry entrepreneur Hannah O'Donnell, took offense with the presentation of games called "Fairies Forest", "Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood" and "Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel". These three slots use a classical style of drawing, and their images and icons somewhat resemble those found in the books for children. According to Gambers Post, this was enough for this campaign to file a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. As any experienced player knows, free casino slot games come in wide variety of themes. And the theme of tales was always present in both mechanical and virtual slots. These games cannot appeal to children since children are not allowed to any kinds of casinos. So, what was really behind Webb's slander? Attempt to extort some money from's owner ProgressPlay or religiously motived fearmongering? You decide. We can only add that designer of this software, Swedish studio NetEnt, was strangely omitted from all the latest online casino news on this question, as if ASA and CFG were ordering hit-piece media campaign against ProgressPlay and no one else. In the end, agreed to remove advertising for these games on its own site and from other sites, as well as allow access to them only to registered, age-verified users. ASA, CFG and their mainstream media enablers have mistakenly assumed that images themselves would be removed from actual games content and even wrote a few articles about their victory, but that wasn't the case. Gambers Post confirms that all games are still not censored in any way and continue to provide online gambling for real money for those, who prefer this kind of retro fairy tale aesthetics. Tale of Fairytale in the land of censorship wolves