Looks like many sports betting operators are comfortable with regulations of European Union in the sphere of Internet gambling, and not so comfortable with remaining in United Kingdom jurisdiction after Brexit completes. That's why two of most prominent British online gambling sites, "Bet365" and "888", are now leaving Gibraltar in favor of Malta. Gambers Post reports that nearly 23 million of customers across the globe received an e-mail notification from "Bet365", notifying them that the company has acquired property on Tigne peninsula in Malta. This is where gambling-friendly tax system and other side benefits from being in EU promise better working conditions to an online casino. Even such influential institution as International Monetary Fund has recently complimented Maltese efforts to bring new investors in this sector with new laws, while keeping responsibility in gaming at satisfying levels. It is currently unknown how a post-Brexit tax regulation climate will look like, but UK online gamble reviews remain cautious. It's not just money to hedge, as political consequences were a source of bigger concern to "888" management, which they openly acknowledged in a press release. Gaming in Malta is one of the main sources of income for this small Mediterranean nation, and current government does all it can to keep it that way. This year, they abandoned the old licensing system and introduced separate licenses for businesses who work with a customer directly, and those who deal with other businesses. This fact made it to the tops of Europe gambling news, Gambers Post reports, and surely influenced "888"'s decision to follow their colleagues "Bet365" steps. Even though the UK gambling commission currently testing its self-exclusion system called "GameStop", designed to ease the life for gambling industry operators, local and foreign tycoons are not impressed so far. With UK showing the poorest economic growth out of G7 countries in recent years, it is likely that these businessmen will continue to pressure both major parties of the Kingdom to change their attitude. But by the time they might succeed, Malta will already have best online casinos.